Friday, December 1, 2017

Christmas Wine and Gift Ideas

Transition time!

As Thanksgiving and Black Friday weekend ends, the buzz of Christmas is now full force!
Out come the decorations, the tree is up and lights are glowing!
Stockings are hung and the Christmas list has just become serious.

Somehow in our busy schedules, we are able to turn on the focus factor for the preparation of our Christmas traditions. (Most of us anyway)
Props to those who write a Christmas letter and have a photo ready to go, and cheers to us who are lucky enough to buy a few cards and find addresses to boot.
Prioritizing the gifts you need to send in the mail, as you are making a list and surely checking it more than twice!
The Christmas dinner plans are already in your thoughts, whether you are traveling or hosting, your mental lists have begun.
Christmas parties for work or home, some have school programs and team parties to fit in as well!
The planning and shopping, the wrapping and hiding!
Oh, my!

Gift giving is rewarding and we do this all year.
There's something about Christmas time to feel extra cheer.
For those "hard to buy for" on your long list,
we have some ideas we hope don't get missed!

From friends and neighbors to teachers and in-laws.
White elephant and colleagues to coaches and a boss.
Wine is a gift that you can confidently give,
 as one can drink it or serve it or simply regift.

When it comes to giving wine, you may be lucky enough to know your recipient's preferred wine.
If you know the type or color, here are some ideas:

If it's red - Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, or a Chilean wine would be appreciated.

If it's rose - Grenache Rose, Pinot Noir Rose, or a Sangiovese Rose will certainly delight.

If it's white - Riesling, Pinot Grigio or a Sauvignon Blanc will satisfy.

If it's sparkling - Cava, Cremant or a comfortable Prosecco will make them smile.

You can always gift wine that you personally enjoy ~ makes for simple shopping, yet includes a thoughtful touch.
Another wine buying tip: If points are listed for a bottle of wine, best quality choices are 85 points and higher.

Along with wine comes many wine accessories.
Some wine accessories are necessary, while some make wine time just a little more special.

Anything "wine" has become a popular gift all year round.

If shopping for wine seems intimidating, gifting a wine accessory is the perfect alternative.

Wine glasses and wine openers to wine totes and cheese boards make wonderful gifts as well. 

Happy Christmas Shopping From Sharing the Wine!