Friday, October 6, 2017

Simplicity of Fall Wines

Fall Wines 

Autumn has definitely arrived with boldness and confidence!

This gorgeous time of year gives us the chance to wear our favorite fall clothing while we take in Mother Nature's beauty.

Color changes and leaf piles, tailgating and pumpkin patches, enjoying every day before winter arrives. 

Slow cookers and comfort foods come out strong, along with the excitement of trying new recipes to warm our souls.

It's time to revamp your wine list for this welcomed seasonal transition.

Butternut Squash   Maple   Apples   Pecans 

This is just some of the deliciousness that we all can enjoy this time of year.

Savory is the perfect description for the shift that happens in fall cooking.

Whether you are making your grandmother's stew or a hearty soup to a dish of flavorful pasta or buttery fish, tasty and warm is the common thread.

From stir-frys and seafood to vegetarian and vegan dishes and even desserts, we have the perfect wine suggestions for your fall meals!

Butternut squash soup, lobster, crab, chicken alfredo or apple pie all pair remarkably well with a Viognier or Roussanne.
Serve roast with Syrah, or your favorite Red Zinfandel with maple glazed meats or red sauce pasta.
You will find that your most versatile fall wines are Pinot Noir for the red while Chardonnay is your go-to white. Serve either of them with soups, stir-frys, butternut squash, pasta marinara, vegan dishes, scallops, turkey, apple and pecan pie.

Enjoy finding your own favorite fall wines as you try them all!

Keep a list of the wines you would repeat, and a list of those you would not.

Discovering new wines comes in handy for dinner parties and gift giving!

Your favorite wines will also make a terrific holiday addition, possibly a new tradition! 

We will offer simple tips throughout the year to help you create your year-long wine list of favorites.

Here is a Fall Wine List you can start with on your next wine shopping day.


White Wines:         Viognier               Chardonnay                   Roussanne 


Red Wines:             Pinot Noir            Red Zinfandel                Syrah


Wishing You a Fabulous Autumn!

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