Friday, October 27, 2017

50 Reasons to Drink Wine This Week

50 Reasons to Drink Wine This Week!
(The good, the bad and the ugly reasons)

It's Friday.
World Series is happening!
We don't HAVE to travel this weekend.
Plenty of wine on's calling.
Youngest just turned four...yeah! Goodbye to the threes!
Camper is winterized and tucked away for winter.
Must celebrate nature's gorgeous fall sunrises and sunsets!
Hockey Season! Thank you, NHL!
Teenager #2 is applying for a job.
New Will and Grace episodes to catch up on.

Continuing education hours complete.
No calls from the dean or principal this week!
Friends and family are healthy.
Just raked 12 large bags of fallen leaves.
The oldest child just turned 18.
Car needs repairs again.
Neverending laundry.
October is flying by.
Office drama.

The shoe rack has gotten smaller.
The weather took a 48-degree turn and it is COLD!
NFL makes us drink.
Christmas is less than 2 months away!
Stepping on legos.
Monday is around the corner.
Constant dishes.
Need to refill the 'good' beer.
Someone ate the last of the cookies.

Must clean the garage.
Wine is just grapes, which are fruit, and we must have more fruit.
Washing hockey gear.
Goes perfectly when playing dinosaurs, blocks, hide and seek, cars or trains.
It's easier than working out.
We are thirsty.
Opening a bottle is always fun.
Four main light bulbs burned out in less than 24 hours.
The house might be haunted.

Found lost favorite hoodie.
Paper cuts.
That first sip makes everything all better!
Discovered spilled fingernail polish.
More leaves are falling.
Deadlines were met.
Too many emails.
And the best reason to drink wine this week:  Because we can!!

Enjoy your weekend! 

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