Friday, October 27, 2017

50 Reasons to Drink Wine This Week

50 Reasons to Drink Wine This Week!
(The good, the bad and the ugly reasons)

It's Friday.
World Series is happening!
We don't HAVE to travel this weekend.
Plenty of wine on's calling.
Youngest just turned four...yeah! Goodbye to the threes!
Camper is winterized and tucked away for winter.
Must celebrate nature's gorgeous fall sunrises and sunsets!
Hockey Season! Thank you, NHL!
Teenager #2 is applying for a job.
New Will and Grace episodes to catch up on.

Continuing education hours complete.
No calls from the dean or principal this week!
Friends and family are healthy.
Just raked 12 large bags of fallen leaves.
The oldest child just turned 18.
Car needs repairs again.
Neverending laundry.
October is flying by.
Office drama.

The shoe rack has gotten smaller.
The weather took a 48-degree turn and it is COLD!
NFL makes us drink.
Christmas is less than 2 months away!
Stepping on legos.
Monday is around the corner.
Constant dishes.
Need to refill the 'good' beer.
Someone ate the last of the cookies.

Must clean the garage.
Wine is just grapes, which are fruit, and we must have more fruit.
Washing hockey gear.
Goes perfectly when playing dinosaurs, blocks, hide and seek, cars or trains.
It's easier than working out.
We are thirsty.
Opening a bottle is always fun.
Four main light bulbs burned out in less than 24 hours.
The house might be haunted.

Found lost favorite hoodie.
Paper cuts.
That first sip makes everything all better!
Discovered spilled fingernail polish.
More leaves are falling.
Deadlines were met.
Too many emails.
And the best reason to drink wine this week:  Because we can!!

Enjoy your weekend! 

Friday, October 13, 2017

If Calories Matter, Keep the Wine!

If Calories Matter, You Can Keep Your Wine!

Do you count your calories?

If calories are watched, there are various reasons why.
A common time to count calories for weight modification is for a specific event, like a wedding, reunion or vacation. 
The holiday or pre-summer season is also a motivating time of year to watch calories.
Some people have never and will never count them.

So if you do count them, you have your own personal WHY.

If you are also a wine lover, then we hope this information will assist you with your goals of watching calories and still enjoying your wine!

We the people indulge. We just do. 
We want, we get. 
We desire, we make it happen.
But when a wine is thrown under the bus for having too many calories...oh no!
This just isn't so!
We cringe when we hear, "I can't have any wine, there are too many calories."

Just for fun, let us take a look at this list of some popular food and beverages and their calories: 

Starbucks Grande Pumpkin Spice Latte (380)
Starbucks Venti Caramel Frappuccino with Whip Cream (490)
Dutch Brother's 12-ounce Caramelizer (325)
Dutch Brother's 16-ounce Hot Chocolate with Whip Cream (345)
8 ounce Orange Juice (102)
Jamba Juice Large Mango-A-Go-Go Smoothie (500)
12 ounce Can of Coca-Cola (182)
12 ounces of Sam Adams Octoberfest (180)
12 ounce Corona Extra (148)
Medium bagel with cream cheese (320)
Dunkin Donuts Glazed donut (260) and with chocolate (340)
 Dunkin Donuts Glazed fritter (410)
Breakfast burrito average (400)
Taco Bell Breakfast Quesadilla (500)
Chick Fil A small french fries (310)
Chick Fil A large french fries (520)
Chick Fil A small milkshake - vanilla or chocolate (550)
Chick Fil A large milkshake - vanilla or chocolate (690)
McDonald's vanilla milkshakes:
  Small (530)    Medium (670)    Large (820)
Chipotle burrito (1000+)
Panda Express Orange chicken with fried rice bowl (900)
Subway 6 inch Meatball Marinara (480)
12 inch Turkey, Bacon, and Guacamole Sub (880)
Taco Bell Cheesy Bean and Rice burrito (430)
Taco Salad with Shell (900)
1 Tablespoon of Ranch Salad Dressing/Dipping Sauce Average (70)
Regular bag of M&M's (230)

It is now October and those cute, small, tempting snack-sized candies are already being offered in almost any business you walk into. 
This will continue until almost Easter time really.
So the goal is to be AWARE!
Aware of the number of calories found in those Fun Size or Snack Size candies!
Most of us have gone through the years where we grab one here and there throughout these months and not even realize how many extra calories we are consuming.
Here is a helpful list of most of the candies that you will encounter soon if not already.  
Remember these are the "fun or snack size" - not even the full bar or bag:

Calories in One SNACK or FUN Size Serving:

Snickers (84)
Baby Ruth (83)
3 Muskateers (64)
Nestle Crunch (60)
Milky Way (80)
M&Ms (73)
Peanut M&M's (90)
Heath (77)
1000 Grand (95)
Kit Kat (70)
Skittles (60)
Twix (80)
Butterfinger (100)
York Peppermint Patty (60)
Whoppers (32)
Junior Mints (50)
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup (110)
Reese's Pieces (70)
Nerds (50)
Sour Patch Kids (45)
Payday (90)
Raisinets (67)
Tootsie Roll (140)
3 Mini Tootsie Rolls (70)
Tootsie Roll Lollipop (60)
Blow Pop (60)
Hersheys's Dark (42)
1 Hershey's Kiss (22)
Swedish Fish (50)
Almond Joy (80)
Mounds (80)
Twizzlers (46)

We are obviously advocates for a nice relaxing glass of wine or two :)
Here is the skinny on calories in vino:

Calories in Wine

A typical standard glass of wine is a 5-ounce pour.

Red Wine    Average is 125 calories per glass
White Wine   Average is 120 calories per glass
Dry wines on average are about 10 fewer calories per glass.

A 5-ounce pour of Merlot has 122 calories where Sauvignon Blanc has 119 calories.

A glass of Pinot Noir has approximately 120 calories where Chardonnay has 123 calories.

Looking an entire bottle of wine, which is 5 glasses of wine, your calories will look like this:

Bottle of Pinot Noir ~ 605 Calories

Bottle of Syrah ~ 610 Calories

Bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon ~ 610 Calories

A Standard Bottle of Red Wine has Approximately 625 Calories

Bottle of Sauvignon Blanc ~ 593 Calories

Bottle of Chardonnay ~ 615 Calories

Bottle of Riesling ~ 590 Calories

A Standard Bottle of White Wine has Approximately 605 Calories

We believe that if you do count calories, you will definitely find that you have room for more wine than you imagined!


Friday, October 6, 2017

Simplicity of Fall Wines

Fall Wines 

Autumn has definitely arrived with boldness and confidence!

This gorgeous time of year gives us the chance to wear our favorite fall clothing while we take in Mother Nature's beauty.

Color changes and leaf piles, tailgating and pumpkin patches, enjoying every day before winter arrives. 

Slow cookers and comfort foods come out strong, along with the excitement of trying new recipes to warm our souls.

It's time to revamp your wine list for this welcomed seasonal transition.

Butternut Squash   Maple   Apples   Pecans 

This is just some of the deliciousness that we all can enjoy this time of year.

Savory is the perfect description for the shift that happens in fall cooking.

Whether you are making your grandmother's stew or a hearty soup to a dish of flavorful pasta or buttery fish, tasty and warm is the common thread.

From stir-frys and seafood to vegetarian and vegan dishes and even desserts, we have the perfect wine suggestions for your fall meals!

Butternut squash soup, lobster, crab, chicken alfredo or apple pie all pair remarkably well with a Viognier or Roussanne.
Serve roast with Syrah, or your favorite Red Zinfandel with maple glazed meats or red sauce pasta.
You will find that your most versatile fall wines are Pinot Noir for the red while Chardonnay is your go-to white. Serve either of them with soups, stir-frys, butternut squash, pasta marinara, vegan dishes, scallops, turkey, apple and pecan pie.

Enjoy finding your own favorite fall wines as you try them all!

Keep a list of the wines you would repeat, and a list of those you would not.

Discovering new wines comes in handy for dinner parties and gift giving!

Your favorite wines will also make a terrific holiday addition, possibly a new tradition! 

We will offer simple tips throughout the year to help you create your year-long wine list of favorites.

Here is a Fall Wine List you can start with on your next wine shopping day.


White Wines:         Viognier               Chardonnay                   Roussanne 


Red Wines:             Pinot Noir            Red Zinfandel                Syrah


Wishing You a Fabulous Autumn!