Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Why Is Wine So Fun??

Why Is Wine So Fun???

Wine is like a pair of black shoes - it goes with everything!

And we can never have enough of either of these!

But seriously - wine has become synonymous with the important  arenas and special occasions in our lives!

From Happy Hour and Dinner Parties to Picnics and Gift Giving - 
Wine is there!

You can easily enjoy music and art while sipping on wine!
Try out your local wine bars and search for festivals in your area.
Go out with friends and family for painting and vino.

Wine has also become a staple for those that are active!
There are ongoing wine runs, walks, hikes, bike rides and fishing events that include wine.
You can even sip on the grapes during or after yoga!
Earn that wine!

We can all agree to some extent that we start our days with coffee and end them with wine...check out your local coffee and wine shops.
Have fun creating a wine environment in your home with some unique decor and evidence that vino is a part of your life!

We can't ignore Mom's Night Out evenings - these truly are an event.
A special holiday really.
These rewarding times can be at a wine bar or favorite restaurant/club, a movie theater that serves wine, a professional wine tasting or the fun of drinking different wine at someone else's home. These don't need to be fancy, just special time with girlfriends along with some good vino spells AHHHHH!

You can announce to the world your love of wine with your lifestyle!
You will find hats, tank tops, tee shirts, hoodies, leggings, key chains, blankets, jewelry, backpacks, purses, wine decor, bumper stickers and more!

Weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthdays, special occasions, family time and holidays all equal drinking wine!

Wine is a must for romantic dinners and picnics as well as your simple relax time.

Draw your bath or hang your hammock and enjoy your favorite wine. 

Sporting events and game days - have your beer on hand but don't forget the wine!

Vacations and last minute trips easily call for wine.
Wine tours and tastings are always worth the trip!
Make this a part of your next adventure.

Make your own wine - classes and kits make it easy to learn and how fun it is to enjoy your own!

Wine is the perfect gift.
Choose from wine bottles and accessories, to wine decor and cheese boards.
Gift giving becomes simple even for the person who is always hard to buy for.

Home delivery has become more popular as well.
You can try different types from pale the various regions and start making your favorites list. Try reds, whites and roses and even paleo and low tannin wines to prevent headaches.

When you pick out your next pair of black shoes...remember the wine!

This is why wine is so fun!

Enjoy Sharing the Wine!

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