Friday, August 11, 2017

Wine Tips for Camping

Wine Tips for Camping 

You know the thought of leaving your driveway as you immerse yourself into the freedom of being unplugged and ready to enjoy another adventure in nature is absolutely therapeutic.

Leaving any stress behind and heading in the direction of peace and enjoyment can only make your heart smile.

Whether you are headed to the mountains, a cabin or campground, a new or favorite spot...what matters is that you are en route and you remembered your wine!

Just as there are different types of camping - there are several ways to bring your wine!


First of all, decide what type of wine and kind of container you want to use on your trip?

Bottles - You can bring a variety of types which is nice. There are many types of wine that have screw caps now, so you can bypass the corkscrew easily. Bottles are recyclable and you typically can store the empties in the same wine tote as you brought them. Heavier than cans or boxed wine.

Boxed Wine - Lightweight, super easy to pack and move around, box is recyclable, you can bring a small or large box which will equal 4 bottles or just over 6 and a 1/2 bottles. 
With the boxed wine you are sipping on one type of wine the entire weekend so less variety.

Canned Wine - Continual up and coming new trend for many reasons, but being able to grab a glass of wine like you would a beer is very convenient. Having a nice variety to choose from, canned wine 4 packs are a hit and very tasty too. Canned wine can be chilled easily in a cooler, is slim enough to drop in a backpack, and no need for a glass.

Awesome options - test them all out and discover your favorites - this is just another fun part of your adventure!

Whether your plans include hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking, rock climbing, or just some good relaxing...the type of wine you choose can make these activities a bit more enjoyable!


As you are packing up your food, clothing, utensils and gear...having the right tote for your wine is essential.  

Wine Totes - There are some amazing wine totes and carriers you can use for years of camping and outdoor adventures. You can find totes for all of the mentioned wine bottles, bags and cans you will try. Each camping trip is different, so depending on how many people are partaking, you are prepared with having a few on hand! Whether you like a simple, rugged look, a picnic basket style, or trendy way to transport your precious cargo, you will know when you see it.

Wine Backpacks - Picnic totes designed for the outdoor adventurer are ideal. You can easily store any form of wine vessel in these backpacks, usually equipped with wine tools and even glasses, your experience will we perfect. As you come back from your hike, you can continue your wine in your hammock or comfy camping chair. Check out our most popular picnic backpack!

Wine Coolers - Coolers or chillers for wine make it for perfect wine every time. If you have brought cans or bottles, your camping wine cooler should be able to transport and take care of your drinks on the road trip, on a fishing boat or canoe, withstand mother nature and maintain your desired temperature without the mess of ice. Most have handles that retract and you can even enjoy those with wheels.

If you are lucky enough to camp near a river, use the cold water to your advantage for those time when you need to cool down your drinks. 

Your gear list has just grown, but for all the right reasons!


Your prior experiences with outdoors and wine surely have merit, and now with some new ideas, you can reduce the amount of wine accessories for future trips!

Wine Openers - Corkscrews and rechargeable wine bottle openers are key with your traditionally sealed bottles of wine. You will find many wine totes purposely come with a foil cutter and corkscrew for this common need. With screw capped bottles, boxed wine and cans, you have no need for these. It's your choice in what wine you bring...each container of wine has it's own gear to pack or leave at home.

Wine Sealers - An unfinished bottle of wine? It  really does happen, especially when left vulnerable to mother nature. There are very sleek, smooth bottle sealers small enough to easily seal your unfinished bottle when camping or out and about. These allow you to confidently slip the bottle back into your backpack or wine tote and not have to worry about the bottle leaking. Unopened cans just need to be drank. Boxed wine is easy - just hide the spout back in the box, but try to keep the box dry, or the bag will just have to display itself.

Outdoor Wine Glasses - Necessary with a bottle or boxed wine, especially when you are sharing your vino. There are awesome outdoor wine glasses you will find helpful and fun. You can choose stainless steel or quality toxin-free plastic stemless wine glasses that are easy to carry, drink out of and clean. Shatterproof and lid options so you can enjoy them anywhere outdoors. With canned wine, glasses shouldn't have to be part of your packing list. Check out our popular outdoor wine glasses!

Just a few wine tips for your camping adventures! 

Have fun trying some of these new ideas to make packing your wine time easier and enjoyed even more!

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