Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wine Over Whine


You look like you could use a glass of wine!
Let's get together over a bottle of wine!
Stop over for a glass of wine!
When was the last time you had a glass of wine and just relaxed?

Do these statements sound familiar?

Whether you are the one hearing them or saying them, this is part of our universal language as wine lovers.

Life is busy...
                         Life is crazy...
                                                    Life is flying by...
                                                                                    But life is awesome!

Sometimes we catch ourselves in our "whine", or someone else gladly points it out for us...but what this really means is that it is time to to unload and process because we have been too darn busy.

Wine just simply helps you out...we get it!

But having someone to share with is also part of the therapy!

A best friend, a co-worker, your spouse, a new friend, or even your cat...
we all have someone we can "whine" to...why not add wine?

10 Tips for "Whine Therapy":

  1. ALWAYS have at least three bottles of your favorite wine on hand.
  2. ALWAYS have at least two of your casual wine glasses clean and ready - coffee mugs will also do.
  3. If you don't already have one, invest in a wine tote because your wine and glasses are meant to be portable.
  4. Spend time with someone who listens and makes you laugh (pets ARE great).
  5. Meet somewhere that doesn't stress you out more...if your house is a mess, then go out! You can sit outside, go to a friend's house, or make it a favorite restaurant if you forgot to stock your vino.
  6. Take that first magical sip, and let the "whine" begin.
  7. Enjoy the time with your listener - and remember to reciprocate. Whine, listen, connect and lighten your load. You will need them again in the future.
  8. Focus on solutions and all of the positive things in your life...while allowing yourself to vent.
  9. When you FEEL your whining has transformed back to your healthy mode of talking...your "whine therapy" is complete.
  10. Thank your listener. Embrace your "lightness". Smile and remember...YOU GOT THIS!

*This is simply written for fun...a sense of identifying with those who enjoy wine for the calming aspect. Please drink responsibly and remember to restock!

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