Friday, August 4, 2017

Simple Wine and Barbecue Tips

We are still in the heat of summer - so sharing some barbecue thoughts sounded perfect!

 We found this quote from Adam Perry Lang to be spot on:

"Wine is to barbecue as what pickled ginger is to sushi - a palate cleanser."

Another outdoor evening dedicated to friends while you all share your week's stories, eat good food and enjoy some vino.

Your evening should be stress free just because you know what to confidently serve hence you are automatically ready to relax.

After selecting the best outdoor wine glasses for the evening, you are ready to open the bottles and pour.

Whether you are hosting or joining, having a delicious wine selection of at least two kinds is important.

Due to the fact that what is being served can vary from vegetarian or fish to a bold meat, there are several versatile wines that should come to mind to serve or to bring with you.

Most summer evenings continue to be filled with heat, sun and possible humidity...

and a chilled sparkling wine such as a Prosecco will easily do for an initial quencher and delight

those thirsty taste buds.

If you have not met a Prosecco that you enjoy, keep trying different ones, or move onto a chilled

Rose wine.

A Rose wine will also initially quench, but it can also be consistent through dinner and into the night.

Once appetizers and the meal has begun, you or your guests may choose to switch to a red to

compliment the food, as well as the changing temperatures.

We suggest having two "umbrella wines" on hand - meaning these reds are highly versatile with all

kinds of food and they really do cleanse your palate.

In our opinion, Pinot Noir and a beautiful red blend Bordeaux are the two reds you and your guests

will really enjoy for dinner and beyond.

Especially if dessert is served, these two wines, along with the Rose, will see you to the finish.



Remember you and your guests are more than likely showing up dehydrated from the heat.

It is just a thoughtful gesture to keep your water and ice cubes available...especially when guests are

enjoying wine!

“Life is too short to drink bad wine.”
― Anonymous

Prosecco  ~  Rose  ~  Pino Noir  ~  Bordeaux

These are our top four picks at Sharing the Wine...we encourage you to find out for yourself!

Serving wine should be simple - and we truly hope these small tips will be of benefit with your next 


Creating a core selection allows you to impress your guests and trust what is in your own glass!

                                              Cheers to your next barbecue! 

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