Wednesday, July 26, 2017

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                      Welcome to our blog at Sharing the Wine

First of all, we are not claiming to be wine snobs or even wine connoisseurs.

We are simply wine enthusiasts that are passionate about all the “little things” that can make your wine experience a bit more enjoyable.

Your wine consumption is just like running…whether you are an ultra-marathoner (drink often), you run when the weather is nice (have your seasons of wine drinking), occasionally sprint to chase your pet, child or mailman (enjoy wine here and there) or wouldn’t think of it (have yet to try it)…your level of involvement only adds to the fun.

We are sure that you agree with us that there are a lot of “little things” when it comes to wine – and our goal is to assist you with this learning curve.

Life is about experiencing, learning and then sharing…especially when it involves friends, family and wine.

Sharing the Wine wants to help add some fun to your wine experiences and hopefully you will learn something along the way!

We are going to have a great time exploring and sharing with you the many facets around the grapes such as:

Dinner Parties


Moms and Vino

Wine and Cheese Fun

Fun with situations such as this common one: 
You were invited to a dinner party and asked to bring some wine – eek! What do you bring?

Creative ideas on how to reuse corks and wine bottles

Drinking wine from a can or a bag is okay?

Enjoying wine outdoors on picnics, camping trips, at the beach and more!

At Sharing the Wine, we just know that relaxing with friends and family is what we all look forward to.

We also know that to enjoy a nice glass of wine whenever you want is just as gratifying.

Our intention is to help you enjoy wine even more while you continue to expand on your wine experiences, no matter what you already know about wine!

Sharing the Wine would love to be a part of your wine journey!

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